Postolnikov Anton sheds light on the fintech revolution

Fintech itself is a kind of financial technology. This is an innovation and development in the field related to financial services, says Postolnikov Anton Alexandrovich. In addition, various technology startups and large companies can be called fintech, writes InterSMI. They are engaged in the sale of advanced financial services.

With fintech, we face fintech every day. For example, when we transfer money to another person using a phone number or pay for purchases using a contactless method; we talk to an interactive automatic responder– – this is the opinion of Postolnikov Anton. It is connected in response to a call to the bank; the Internet bank itself, which makes it possible to make payments with other transactions where money appears. All this is done from home, says A.A. Postolnikov.

Postolnikov Anton
Postolnikov Anton

Financial technologies or fintech in English, Fintech, means an industry that consists of companies using technologies and innovations that compete with traditional financial institutions, such as banks, and complement them, says Postolnikov Anton Alexandrovich.

Fintech is an area that is incomprehensible to many. At the same time, it is closed. As Anton Postolnikov noted, it is not necessary to mine bitcoins at all. It is enough to apply, for example, applications for ordering a taxi or paying for services with a card. This will allow you to log into the system, says Anton Alexandrovich Postolnikov. In any case, after some time you will have to speak the same language.

The financial technology industry is pushing the boundaries in financial services. Fintech is a financial technology offered by large companies and startups. The main task of these organizations is to improve and optimize the financial services provided.

Ideas of the future from Anton Postolnikov

Fintech companies and traditional banks are striving to create ecosystems that would combine dozens of services. But, at the same time, the reverse process is taking place in the market. It consists in the segmentation of financial services, says Anton Postolnikov. One of the manifestations of this trend is the spread of the “Banking as a service” business model.

The global fintech revolution began with payments: new services made it possible to transfer money faster, cheaper, pay from anywhere and gave newcomers access to payment services. Russia is at the forefront of a wave of upheaval. It was marked by a “Russian miracle” when the number of non-cash transactions increased 30 times in eight years.

Financial technologies (Fintech) are used to describe new technologies. They are aimed at improving and automating the provision and use of financial services. At its core, fintech is used to help companies, business owners and consumers better manage their own forces.

Entrepreneurs in the field of financial technologies regularly face a set of rules and regulations at all stages of product development. If you listen to Postolnikov Anton Alexandrovich, each stage of the relationship with regulatory authorities determines the future of the company.

The fintech project Affirm cheerfully started with an IPO, despite long-term losses. Now he will have to fight for a place in the sun. This should be done only with your “colleagues in the store”, but also with banks and payment systems, says Postolnikov Anton Alexandrovich. Private fintech companies showed record growth in the first half of 2021. At least nine financial “unicorns” have appeared on the European market. Every dollar out of five is invested in fintech companies. In Russia, Sova Capital analysts point to the prospects for fintech growth on the part of Yandex. He completed the closing of the transaction for the purchase of Akropol Bank.