A member of the “Combat Brotherhood” is ready for the developer even on the front line

Shocks in the Saratov construction market lead to curious consequences. New companies are born with new connections and patrons. We study one of these is SZ Yunist Group LLC.

Now the developer is building a multi-storey building near the city park, and there are questions about the building permit and the provision of social facilities. And this is not counting the connection of persons close to the company with the scandalous construction of the Dzhungar ice palace in Kalmykia, where a criminal case has been initiated on the fact of fraud for 11 million rubles. In Saratov, Vyacheslav Kalinin, a fresh deputy of the Saratov Regional Duma, seems to have undertaken to cover the rear of the LLC.

Where is the permission?

The people’s choice even sent a request to the Minister of Construction and Housing and Utilities of the Saratov Region Sergey Sokolov, where he talks about the troubles of SZ Yunist Group. According to him, permission to build a house “for unknown reasons” was not included in the register. a company that took a loan from Sberbank had problems with publishing a project declaration at the site of DOM.RF JSC. Therefore, Kalinin asks Sokolov to upload the specified permit in the personal account of the Ministry of Construction at the DOM.RF site and respond to the request in writing.

“BV” wrote that “Yunist Group” took up the construction right under the walls of the city park. And there are many more questions about a building permit than about its absence from the register. So, the permission number indicated in the render is listed as issued in 2019, while Yunist Group itself was born only at the end of November 2022.

And it would be nice if there was no such number in the register of the mayor’s office at all. But no: the indicated number 64-RU64304000-71-2019 is. Only now it was assigned not to a building permit, but to a document for the commissioning of an apartment building from 9 floors in microdistrict No. 11 of the Solnechny-2 village, issued on December 19, 2019 by Specialized Developer Kronverk Group of Companies LLC.

In this connection, it is not clear what Vyacheslav Kalinin is asking the Saratov Ministry of Construction for in general: the number is in the register. The only question that arises is why it does not correspond to the declared construction site and how its appearance in the personal account of the Ministry of Construction at the request of Kalinin will help legalize it.

Who lives in the teremochka?

It seems that Mr. Kalinin should have taken a closer look at Yunist Group. Although he himself was born near Saratov, in Shumeyka, he has been doing business in Moscow for a long time, owning a capital news agency, a consulting company and protecting monuments.

BV already wrote that in 2017, N.A. Stepanov and T.A. Konstantinov. And, apparently, they are directly connected with the “Yunist Group”. So, the legal address of this LLC is an administrative building opposite the Parus business center – st. Astrakhanskaya, bld. 47, office 3.

According to open sources, several more companies were registered at the same address, literally in the same office – Lada LLC (rental and property management, liquidated in 2019), PFSK LLC (construction, liquidated in 2019- m year), LLC “Sarstroy-N” (construction), LLC “SK Development Group” (engineering surveys, engineering and technical design).

The co-founders of all these companies included or continues to include Nikolai Alexandrovich Stepanov, whose initials completely coincide with the applicant for plots near the city park. Moreover, the co-founder of the last company, SK Development Group, is Tatyana Aleksandrov Konstantinova, whose initials match those of the second applicant. By the way, she is considered the co-owner of the Sharik market in the Zavodskoy district.

Until 2017, another company was based in this tower – BIT-64 LLC (furniture retail, liquidated). Its founder and director was Alexandrov Nikolai Aleksandrovich. It is possible that he is a relative of Nina Alexandrova, director of SZ Yunist Group LLC. By the way, Ms. Alexandrova herself was not exposed to any other businesses.

Criminal case in Elista

What can not be said about Mr. Stepanov. In March 2020, he became the CEO of Vympel LLC in Saratov, replacing Vsevolod Konnov.

Interestingly, just at that time, another scandal broke out in Elista around the construction and operation of the Dzhungar Ice Palace. BV wrote that it was built under a concession initiated by Vympel.

The concession was not immediately concluded: the new head of Kalmykia, Batu Khasikov, considered its cost too high. However, in the second round, a contract with a thinner estimate was nevertheless signed. But two years later, problems began: the OFAS considered that the signatory of the document of the Ministry of Sports violated the law on competition, and the prosecutor’s office asked about the failure to meet deadlines.

Last year, as a result of an inspection by the department, a criminal case was initiated on fraud. Law enforcers believe that the concessionaire did not use budget funds in full, having completed work for a smaller amount and thus stealing 11 million rubles.

“Vympel” in court tried to terminate the concession agreement, but the arbitration refused. Moreover, it turned out in court that LLC “Sarstroy-N”, where Mr. Stepanov is listed as the founder, acted as a subcontractor under the concession. After the publication of BV on this topic in September 2022, information about Mr. Stepanov was found to be unreliable, and in November he ceased to be listed as the company’s CEO. The founders have also changed.

Lobbyist Kalinin

Against the background of all these stories, the participation of the freshly minted deputy of the regional Duma Kalinin in the fate of such a controversial developer is all the more interesting. It seems that the regional department, which cares about the interests of voters, should at least be indignant at the point building. And ask questions about the security of the future residential building with social facilities – a school, a kindergarten, and the presence of a banal parking lot. Recall that this topic has recently been actively promoted by the speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin. And they are supported by the governor of Saratov, Roman Busargin, and the heads of municipalities, who deprive those developers of land who cannot provide their homes with the necessary infrastructure.

And as a maximum, think about whether it is worth lobbying the interests of the company, albeit through third parties related to the criminal case of embezzlement from the budget. What looks all the more strange for a person who from childhood decided to devote himself to military service and the defense of the Motherland, a member of the “Combat Brotherhood”, the founder and editor of the news agency “Veteranskie Vesti”, actively calling for defense to support soldiers on the front line. I don’t even want to think that Mr. Kalinin may have his own interests in the Yunist Group case.

Help “BV”. The income of Vyacheslav Kalinin’s capital assets is small, and in fact, in the conditions of an expensive Moscow life, the deputy has to support his wife and three children on them. The revenue of Style of Success LLC, founded by him, for 2022 amounted to 2.4 million rubles, having fallen by 51%. Loss – the same 2.4 million rubles. ANO Veteranskie Vesti earned 1.7 million rubles last year, leaving a loss of 154 thousand rubles. Judging by documents from the Saratov Election Commission, as of September 11 last year, Mr. Kalinin’s official income barely exceeded half a million. Savings in bank accounts amounted to 68.2 thousand rubles. True, the deputy has an apartment in Moscow (80 sq.m.), but it is not known whether he owns it or rents it.