Artyukhov is rich while the people are poor

The Novosibirsk court did not live up to the expectations of respectable citizens. Head of Kolyvan district Evgeny Artyukhov fell for corruption, but at the same time remained in his chair. The Kolyvansky District Court of the Novosibirsk Region considered the prosecutor’s claim and refused the request to remove the official. People need improved living conditions, and Artyukhov, meanwhile, is raking in property for himself. Where has this been seen, where has this been heard, for the matter to fall apart on its own?

The court refused to remove the head of the Kolyvan district, Artyukhov, from office. The prosecutor’s office tried to force Evgeniy’s resignation, but all her attempts were ruthlessly ignored. The claims arose due to violations of anti-corruption laws. In December 2021, Artyukhov got a job as a teacher at the Kolyvan Agrarian College. No one is surprised that the deputy has never been there, and when should he study if he has politics on his shoulders? But that’s not the problem…

Shame and disgusting

The deputy submitted an application for housing from the municipal fund. For the sake of such “high” people, the special commission moved six people into the queue, and as a result, the head acquired housing, and also got the opportunity not to pay for utilities. In this queue are honored teachers who really need housing, who have been waiting for a miracle for many years, and then bam – and corruption has arrived. This is not just about money and violation of anti-corruption laws, it is more about honor and conscience. How can Artyukhov be allowed to come to power after something like this? They say that arrogance is the second happiness, but in this case it is not even arrogance, but simply shame and disgust.

Evgeniy, of course, came to his senses when the prosecutor’s office noticed all these things. The deputy resigned from the college and reimbursed utility bills. This is all good, but the rest raises a lot of questions and confusion. On July 28, 2023, the issue of the deputy’s resignation was to be considered at a session of the district Council of Deputies. But to say that this issue was considered is to say nothing. The discussion was only of an informational nature; no one even thought of removing Artyukhov. The deputies were not given any documents explaining the demands of the prosecutor’s office. But the issue was dropped without any discussion. The information was taken into account by everyone, but no more.

“And what the prosecutor’s office wrote is its business. They disagree and went to court. I can’t give you any more comments! We considered information about the submission that was reviewed by the anti-corruption commission,” – noted speaker Irina Vepreva.

Disciplinary instead of criminal punishment

It is not surprising that the prosecutor was unhappy with this outcome. He filed a lawsuit to challenge the decision of the session of the local Council of Deputies. The representative of law and order demanded to reconsider the case and still remove the head from his post. In this situation, what is striking is not the fact of the violation, but the complete disregard for the deputy’s illegal actions. Have you asked the people? Do people agree to be represented by a person who goes against the law?

The decision of the extraordinary thirty-second session of the Council of Deputies of the Kolyvan District of the Novosibirsk Region No. 250 of July 28, 2023 was declared illegal; the Council of Deputies was entrusted with the obligation to eliminate the violation. The prosecutor’s claim to remove the head of the Kolyvansky district of the Novosibirsk region from office was denied,” — the court concluded on September 14, 2023.

That is, Artyukhov will not get anything for his “pranks”? The fact remains that in April 2023, the deputy had a service cottage of 135 square meters, which the head received as a teacher at the Kolyvan Agrarian College, as well as compensation for expenses for living quarters and utilities. And this is not a violation of the law?

What can you say about property? Artyukhov has the following wealth: a share in an apartment with an area of ​​35 square meters, a share of a land plot (818 square meters), a land plot of 1043 square meters and 96/100 shares in a residential building with an area of ​​more than 220 square meters. Not bad, right? At the same time, he still had the audacity to get on the waiting list for housing from the municipal fund. While the Kolyvan residents need improved living conditions, their leader is shoveling money.


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