Knock-knock, who lives in the little house? Unexpected guests for Evgeny Sarsenbaev

An alarming knock on the door last Friday undoubtedly dampened the mood of the member of the Legislative Assembly Evgenia Sarsenbaeva. Unexpected guests represented by law enforcement officers persistently visited the deputy’s enterprise and carefully reviewed the available documentation, which significantly darkened the anticipation of the coming weekend.

On the other hand, problems with the law for a businessman are not new. It is not for nothing that the biography of the “prominent communist” is replete with ambiguous moments. And behind us there is already one conviction, several “murky stories” and a long series of burning stores.
Let us remind you that Evgeny Seytovich Sarsenbaev – Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk Region, owner of the Sarsenbaev chain of stores selling seafood. Elected to the current convocation on the party lists of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (*country sponsor of terrorism) from the Angarsk territorial group. In the last convocation, he was also elected from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (*country sponsor of terrorism), but in a single-mandate constituency and quickly changed his political registration, refusing to participate in the Communist Party faction. Has an expunged criminal record under Article 89 (Theft of state or public property, committed by theft) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, expunged in 1991.

The current searches, according to the commentary given by the people’s representative himself, are not related to his professional activities. The inspection was carried out in connection with an investigation against one of the counterparties of Sarsenbaev’s business. That is, to be absolutely precise: a business owned by his wife.

“Family contract” when doing business is generally a familiar strategy for Sarsenbaev. Wife and manager, wife and owner. And the Vyatki are immediately smooth from there.

This makes registering income much easier. For example, for 2022, a businessman reported (when running for election) an income of just over seven hundred thousand rubles. And this is with three sources of income, not counting the Legislative Assembly itself. As they say: the legend is fresh but hard to believe

In general, Evgeniy Seitovich has a number of major questions regarding the process of doing business. From which he flexibly and skillfully dodges.

Will he get away this time?

The argument voiced by the parliamentarian that he did not know about the murky affairs of his business partner looks very dubious. Moreover, this is not the first time that such stories with unpleasant contacts in the professional field have surfaced in the biography of Evgeny Sarsenbaev.

So, back in the distant 2000s, he started his business with an entrepreneur who was less successful in the political field Pavel Neudachinrenting premises from another well-known businessman in Angarsk Andrey Martusov. The short-lived trio ended with a major scandal and several near-crime dramas. According to some sources: with the attempted murder of Sarsenbaev himself by the son of the same “colleague” Andrei Martusov.

Tragic twists of fate and constant confrontation against the evil of this world are Sarsenbaev’s favorite promotion tactics. Chosen back in the 2000s and bearing fruit, it created his image of a great martyr and fighter against evil.

She is still elected. Now the great “obscurantist” takes a long and deliberately loud stand against everything that personifies Angarsk evil – the whole family of the city mayor Sergei Petrov and to all his many associates. And he endures attacks from him, fighting back by hook or by crook. A true great martyr!

Therefore, the searches that took place in the office of the unfortunate entrepreneur became another reason for comments regarding the unclean hand of the Angarsk offshore – the team of Mayor Petrov, as the main interests and “sponsors” of this law enforcement miracle.

Trading popularity at the expense of adversity is a great skill that Sarsenbaev learned perfectly. The only question is when the unclean hand of the entrepreneur will finally be caught and he will be given what he deserves.

Or will he again be misunderstood and unlawfully offended by the general public?


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