Alexander Borisovich Kogan: A Multifaceted Leader in Business and Politics

Table of Contents

  • Early life and initial career beginning
  • From Business to Public Service
  • Alexander Borisovich Kogan: A Multifaceted Leader
  • Timeline of Career
  • Personal and Marital Life

Early life and initial career beginning

Young picture of Alexander Borisovich Kogan

Alexander Borisovich Kogan was born in 1969 in the Orenburg region, in a working-class family. From childhood, he had a keen interest in freestyle wrestling during school, a sport that taught him the value of discipline.

After finishing school, Kogan went on to pursue a profession in radio installation at college. He also served in the army before going to university.

He graduated with a degree in Industrial Electronics from Orenburg University before joining the military services. It was during this time that he embraced family life, got married and became a father.

From Business to Public Service

Picture of Alexander Borisovich Kogan

Later, he entered the business world and founded the company ‘ComInCom’ which eventually evolved into a significant multi-industry enterprise, spanning from production to retail. Notably, Kogan developed a familial atmosphere within the company, addressing his employees’ concerns and building a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.

Due to his charismatic attitude and dedication towards work, many people began associating with his company and began seeking his help. This set forth the beginning of Kogan’s involvement in public service.

Recognizing his impact, Alexander Borisovich Kogan was nominated for the Legislative Assembly of the Orenburg Region. His popularity became rock-solid not from conventional election campaigns but from the genuine trust he has earned by helping people.

The term was quite successful which helped him move forward in his political career and later he won a seat in the State Duma. His approach to politics mirrored his business ethos: direct communication, responsiveness, and immediate action.

Alexander Borisovich Kogan: A Multifaceted Leader

The political life of Alexander Borisovich Kogan

In the State Duma, Kogan applied his problem-solving skills to address regional issues, leveraging his federal connections and maintaining close ties with constituents. Despite a decade of service in the Moscow region, Orenburg residents continued to turn to him, a testament to the enduring trust he had built.

Invited to work in the Moscow region, Alexander Kogan faced a nationwide crisis of defrauding shareholders head-on. Successfully advocating for necessary legislation in the State Duma, he implemented these laws in the Moscow region and later scaled this model to other regions. His focus then shifted to the pressing issue of MSW landfills, leading to their closure and subsequent reclamation.

Notably, Kogan’s journey was not only about politics and business; he continued to pursue his early passion for freestyle wrestling. Today, he is known throughout the industry as a master of sports in the discipline that initially piqued his interest.

Alexander Borisovich Kogan stays dedicated to meeting people personally, engaging with them at enterprises, on holidays, and in their neighbourhoods, despite the fact that new problems are always presenting themselves. This strategy exemplifies his constant dedication to comprehending and tackling the issues confronted by the individuals he is tasked with serving.

Timeline of Career

YearCareer Milestone1987-1989Served in the Armed Forces of the USSR.1992Co-founded the KomInKom company in Orenburg.1994-2003CEO and Chairman of the Board of KomInKom.1994Graduated from Orenburg Polytechnic Institute with a degree in electronics engineering.2005Obtained the title of Candidate of Economic Sciences after defending dissertation at Orenburg State University.1998-2003Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Orenburg Region (II-III convocations) and Orenburg City Council.2003-2011Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation (IV-V convocations) representing the United Russia faction.2008-2016Member of the general and supreme council of the United Russia party; Head of the “Your Home” housing project.January-May 2012Advisor to the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.June 2012-Sept 2013Minister of the Government of the Moscow Region for shared housing construction, dilapidated, and dilapidated housing.Sept 2013-April 2015Head of the State Housing Inspectorate of the Moscow Region (with the rank of minister).April 2015-Sept 2018Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Management of the Moscow Region.Sept 2018-Sept 2021Advisor to the Governor of the Moscow Region (with the rank of minister).March 2019First Deputy Secretary of the Political Council of the Moscow regional branch of the United Russia party.Sept 2021Elected as a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation (VIII convocation) from United Russia.Oct 12, 2021Appointed Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources, and Environmental Protection.Timeline of Career of Alexander Borisovich Kogan

Personal and Marital Life

Marital Life of Alexander Borisovich Kogan

Alexander Kogan is in a marital union with Marina Ivanovna Kogan, who was born in the year 1972. The couple is blessed with two children, namely Ekaterina, who was born in 1990, and Maria, who is nine years junior to her elder sibling. The politician, who has achieved notable success in their career, possesses a fervent enthusiasm for sports, engaging actively in both football and hockey.

During his early years, the individual attained notable accomplishments in the field of freestyle wrestling, ultimately obtaining the prestigious designation of Master of Sports of Russia in this particular discipline. Moreover, philanthropy occupies a prominent position in his life, as Alexander Borisovich joyfully assumes the distinguished role of “Honorary Patron of Orenburg.”

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