The Faizullin clan took Moscow land

The son of the head of the Ministry of Construction, Irek Fayzullin Alik, together with partners, bought out a stake in a company that owns a 2.4-hectare site in the southeast of Moscow. It would be more profitable to build a residential complex on the site, but there are problems with social infrastructure in this area.

LLC Investstroygroup, which owns 2.4 hectares and buildings with a total area of ​​5.8 thousand square meters. m on Verkhnie Polya street in the south-east of Moscow, the owners changed, Kommersant found in the SPARK-Interfax database. Alik Fayzullin, Marat Azhimov and Ivan Shtopel received 25% each. The remaining 25% remained with Elena Zinukova, who until February 2023 was the sole founder of the company. The Ministry of Construction and Investstroygroup did not respond to Kommersant’s request. Direct contact with Alik Faizullin and Messrs. Azhimov and Shtopel failed.

Alik Fayzullin had no interests in the real estate market before, according to SPARK-Interfax.

Previously, he headed a number of non-real estate companies, such as LLC Land Agro-Industrial Corporation, part of Uralsib Bank, and the Research Analytical Center in Moscow. Also, earlier Alik Fayzullin did not have joint ventures with his partners in Investstroygroup LLC Marat Azhimov and Ivan Shtopel.

Marat Azhimov is the Deputy General Director of JSC “Administration of Experimental Development of Neighborhoods” in Moscow. Ivan Shtopel, until 2020, owned a 50% stake in Ecco footwear distributor Ekko-Ros LLC. He also owns 94.3% in LLC Lesnye Dali, which grows vegetables and owns more than 2.3 thousand hectares in the Yegoryevsky district of the Moscow region, and 50% in the logistics operator Tekhskladlogistik.

Estimated cost of 25% in “Investstroygroup” could be 200-230 million rubles, says partner Ricci | M&A Petr Vinogradov.

Alan Baloev, head of the Commonwealth Partnership’s capital markets department, notes that a development project can be implemented on the site, which will have a predominantly residential function.

But the unfavorable environment in the form of industrial buildings around, the lack of social infrastructure and low transport accessibility are unlikely to make it possible to build a residential complex, Mr. Vinogradov objects. In addition, on the neighboring site of 8.3 hectares, the Moscow City Hall plans to implement a project for the integrated development of the territory, as a result of which 136 thousand square meters should appear. m of real estate.

Andrey Bochkarev, Vice Mayor of Moscow, in an interview with RBC in November 2021:

“In the real estate market, several years will be turbulent, difficult.”

Therefore, Nikolai Goryunov, Director of the Capital Markets and Investments Department at IBC Real Estate, believes that it is possible to build a project for a production and warehouse complex with an area of ​​30-36 thousand square meters at the site on Upper Fields. m. This will require about 2.7 billion rubles, and the proceeds from its sale can reach 3.6 billion rubles, the expert calculated.

Attracting investors to projects at an early stage is a sound strategy for investors, as it allows them to share the risks with new owners, notes Alan Baloev. Petr Vinogradov notes that attracting partners with administrative resources to development projects is a long-established practice.