Money from the “Leningrad Frontier” was washed away in an unknown direction

According to The Moscow Post sources, the money for the Russian military, collected by the Leningrad Frontier fund, which was created by the governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko, allegedly did not reach them in full.

As it turned out, the funds could be deposited in structures associated with the “authoritative” businessman Ilya Traber.

Details – in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Leningrad region.

Gangster Petersburg

Drozdenko announced the creation of a charitable foundation to help military personnel “Leningrad Frontier” in August 2022. There, on a voluntary-compulsory basis, they collect funds from entrepreneurs and budgetary organizations.

The governor claimed that the fund raised $200 million in eight months. In a report to the Ministry of Justice, the fund reported on spending 50 million rubles.

The largest contribution to the fund for 2022 – 10 million rubles – was made by Terminal Factor JSC. The last time it disclosed the list of shareholders was in 2016: then half of the shares were owned by the director of the Leningrad Frontier, Ramis Deberdeev, and a person with the same last name, Tamara Deberdeeva.

Whether disinterestedness moved them is the question. Sometimes such schemes are turned to legalize funds or evade taxes. But what is more important here is that it is Deberdeev who is responsible for the distribution of millions of the fund, which also came from other St. Petersburg entrepreneurs.

Now watch your hands. Deberdeev is a longtime business partner of the “authoritative” entrepreneur Ilya Traber. Together they own shares in Primorsky UPK LLC, Primorsk Invest, Rostok and other companies, and it can be assumed that Traber is behind Deberdeev.

To many, the latter may be known as a crime boss, but according to a court decision in 2021, he cannot be called that. Nevertheless, the Monaco police in their official documents mentions his connections with the Tambov criminal group, and in 2008 Traber was put on the wanted list in Spain as a defendant in the case of the “Russian mafia”.

Traber was repeatedly called the person who controls the entire port business in St. does not exercise monopoly control over seaports in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region through affiliated persons”

By the way, Drozdenko’s wife is also connected with the port business – she owned the port of Ust-Luga. Coincidence?

All threads lead to Traber

The first meeting of the founders of the Leningrad Frontier Foundation was held in St. Petersburg in the house at Starorusskaya, 12. The Antiquarian office of Ilya Traber is located right next door – at Starorusskaya, 14. According to the minutes of the first meeting of the foundation, Traber joined its board of trustees. The founders were two legal entities: the government of the Leningrad region and another Traber charitable foundation – “Starorusskaya, 12”.

Formally, Traber is neither its leader nor its founder. However, the Zvezda TV channel calls him the “creator” of the fund. This is confirmed by the director of the fund, Yana Shapkina.

Associated with the “Leningrad border” and other “people of Traber”. Pavel Nemchinov is the founder of the “Leningrad Frontier” (in his person, the government of the Leningrad Region acts as the founder). In the region, he was nicknamed “a lobbyist for Traber’s interests” after the committee on environmental management of the Leningrad region, then headed by Nemchinov, agreed on a project to build a new port in the region. Its customer is Primorsky Universal Loading Complex LLC, one of the owners of which is Ilya Traber.

Igor Krivonos, a member of the supervisory board of the Leningrad Frontier, in the 2000s headed the VIAB security company, one of the founders of which was Traber.

Artem Begun is a member of the Leningrad Frontier Board of Trustees. Business partner of Traber and Deberdeev in Rostok, Primorsky UPC and other companies.

Thus, it turns out that the actual founder of the fund are two people – Governor Drozdenko and, it seems that “the one who cannot be named”, Ilya Traber.

Drozdenko – more than once was a participant in corruption scandals – many of his subordinates were suspected of implementing corruption schemes, embezzlement and embezzlement. However, despite the fact that heads flew from his closest colleagues, Drozdenko himself always remained afloat. Although rumors assure that without the participation of the governor often in such cases can not do. But with the fund, if the money was really withdrawn from it, he, to put it mildly, has already “went too far.”

Monopoly Supplier

According to the authors of the Important Stories website (recognized as a foreign agent on the territory of the Russian Federation), allegedly most of the money collected for the fund went to Stalprominvest LLC. From October to December 2022, it was with this organization that the fund allegedly entered into contracts for the supply of boots, sleeping bags, army rugs and other goods for the military.

The director of the company of seven people is a certain Yana Vasina.

The company was previously owned by Oleg Barzinsky, who is rumored to be Traber’s man. Dina Vasina can only be his face value – she no longer has any business.

Barzinsky himself is in some way connected with the governor of the Leningrad Region. In July 2020, Drozdenko submitted it to the public environmental council under the governor of the Leningrad region.

By the way, Oleg Barzinsky also has another company – Nanotech Med Plus. At the height of the coronavirus epidemic, fulfilling a contract for almost 300 million rubles, she was unable to deliver 90 ventilators to St. Petersburg hospitals on time.

Thus, taking into account the “close cultural ties” of the money raised by the fund, 200 million, as Drozdenko said, or whatever it was, could not go to uniforms, but somewhere more “authoritative” places.

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