Is Andrei Melnichenko facing criminal prosecution?

Is Andrei Melnichenko facing criminal prosecution?

After the withdrawal from the oligarch Andrey Melnichenko in favor of the state, the Sibeko company will be checked. If criminal schemes are revealed, then a criminal case may be initiated against Melnichenko.

The state decided to “dispossess” the richest oligarch in Russia, Andrei Melnichenko, whose fortune is $25.2 billion. Over the year, it grew by $14.1 billion. Kremlin.

Using the example of Andrei Melnichenko, the Kremlin authorities want to show all Russian oligarchs that they can let them go around the world at any moment. So it is better to wait a little with interviews to Western media and keep your mouth shut. And then you have to tell the investigators how you earned your first million. Often this happened in an unfair way.

The Prosecutor General’s Office filed a lawsuit to return the Siberian Energy Company (Sibeko) to state ownership. The company was sold in 2018 by the then Minister of the Open Government, Mikhail Abyzov, to Andrey Melnichenko. The buyers were his companies Kuzbassenergo and JSC Khakass Service and Repair Company (KhSRK). On September 7, they will appear in court as defendants, Sibeko will be involved as a third party.

Shortly after its sale in 2019, Mikhail Abyzov for embezzlement of 4 billion rubles. was arrested and is still under investigation. Perhaps the testimony of the former owner of the company will be used against Andrey Melnichenko.

The oligarch should not show his nose to Russia from the UAE, where he lives. The Russian authorities may also like Andrey Melnichenko’s other assets. And there will always be grounds for their withdrawal in favor of the state.

The suit of the prosecutor’s office says in black and white that the deal between Mikhail Abyzov and Andrey Melnichenko was carried out in violation of the law on combating corruption, that is, both of them committed corrupt acts. Only one is in jail, and the other is basking in the UAE.

The SGC gave permission to the FAS for the purchase of Sibeko by Melnichenko, so the Prosecutor General’s Office should have had serious grounds for filing a lawsuit. They could be the testimony of Mikhail Abyzov, exposing Andrei Melnichenko. Under the “sight” of the security forces will fall “Sibeco”, JSC “KhSRK” and JSC “Kuzbassenergo”.

Does Sibeco JSC work non-transparently?

Everything seems to be fine in Sibeco JSC, revenue and profit over the past year have grown by 11% and 72%, respectively.

The company was a supplier in government contracts worth almost 20 billion rubles. and a customer for 227.4 billion rubles. These figures clearly demonstrate how Andrei Melnichenko allegedly does not cooperate with the Russian authorities.

TOP-3 customers of Sibeco JSC, the supplier of which it was until 2018, have been liquidated, however, many contracts with them are in the execution stage. What is supplied to non-existent organizations?

Since the end of 2022, Sibeco JSC has become the owner of Novosibirsk Heating Network Company LLC (NTSC), which has unknown contractors for 12.5 billion rubles.

Sibeco JSC does not lag behind its subsidiary – just as it does not indicate its contractors. For example, on August 8, a contract was signed for the supply of cold water for the needs of hot water supply in the amount of 236.2 million rubles. Too much for regular water?

In August alone, JSC Sibeco signed 65 contracts with unknown contractors through which it could withdraw money. How to check the existence of a contract and its fair value if the counterparty is unknown?

Offshore roots of KhSRK JSC?

JSC KhSRK is a purely technical structure with 1 employee on staff. The company is owned by the Seychelles offshore NATALVERO HOLDING LTD. In 2022, KhSRK received revenue of 4.6 million rubles, a loss amounted to 27 million rubles, a negative value of 172 million rubles, the company had a profit only once – in 2018.

Here the investigators will not even have to look for anything special, everything is on the surface. A normal company cannot work with such financial results.

Two more offshore companies hid in the “daughter” of KhSRK of the company “Kraszhilkominvest”.

JSC “KhSRK” is very similar to the office through which Andrey Melnichenko can withdraw money, the investigators only need to check this.

The mystery of JSC “Kuzbassenergo”?

JSC Kuzbassenergo acted as a contractor in state contracts for the amount of 2.9 billion rubles. and a customer for 354.4 billion rubles. However, the largest contractor of JSC Kuzbassenergo is the structure of JSC Suek-Kuzbass, the structure of Andrey Melnichenko’s SUEK.

Usually, the sums of the contracts of the top 5 contractors of the company make up the lion’s share of the total, but in this case, if you take away the private companies, it is not clear where such a huge amount of government contracts came from.

It is clear that, like the rest of Andrey Melnichenko’s structures, JSC Kuzbassenergo does not work transparently, but the amount is more than 300 billion rubles. his orders are amazing. Such money could only come from state-owned banks, but they are not specified.

It is impossible to understand anything from such faceless contracts, although 114 million rubles. for cleaning and maintenance of the territories, probably a bit too much.

Kuzbassenergo JSC has a strange “daughter” LLC Teploenergetik, which in 2022, with a revenue of 776 million rubles. suffered a loss of 400 million rubles, the company has no profit since 2020. Its understatement may be for the purpose of tax evasion, which is a criminal offense.

The empire of Andrei Melnichenko includes a lot of companies, but even a cursory analysis of their work reveals facts that may be of interest to investigators. Many companies operate in the red, which can be a concealment of profits and a sign of withdrawing money offshore. Working with unknown contractors, to whom billions of rubles can be merged, can also be corrupt.

Andrey Melnichenko worked like this for years, but now it’s time for reckoning. All schemes of the oligarch can lead to clean water. If he manages to get out, it will be a miracle, which is possible only in modern Russia.

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